World of Warcraft

I'm quite a fan of World of Warcraft, having raided fairly actively since Vanilla. As a result I have a few different projects related to it.

Nearly down this time
Onyxia downed
Big bad wolf
Hydross down
2011-02-28: Cho'gall


I occasionally blog about WoW-related topics on World of Theorycraft.

To accompany a discussion about my addon Bunny Hunter, I wrote a piece on drop rates and probabilities in WoW - World of Warcraft - Beating the RNG Boss.

More recently I wrote about hunter theorycrafting, specifically the myth of the Survival haste plateau. Still can't get away from theorycrafting.

World of Map Craft

In 2012 I released worldofmapcraft.com, containing slippy-maps for Azeroth and all battlegrounds, dungeons and raids released up to Cataclysm.

I wrote about the process and released the source code. It was covered by lots of gaming news sites including Kotaku, Massviely, Escapist and EuroGamer.

Hunter Loot

I created hunterloot.com to help determine how useful any given piece of gear is to different hunter specs. It scrapes gear and enchant data from the armory and wowhead to create an index of each slot. It's a very useful quick index and a decent replacement for the spreadsheet (it doesn't take into account bonuses, but it handles trinket procs and hit capping).

Hunter Loot can be used in conjunction with Female Dwarf to determine stat weightings for your exact spec, gear and talents. Create a profile on Female Dwarf first, and then click through to Hunter Loot to get personalized, automatically updating gear recommendations.

From Nov 2008 to Nov 2011 Hunter Loot displayed gear recommendations for over 350,000 different Hunter builds.

Game Addons

All of my addons can be automatically installed via the Curse Client. That way you'll automatically get updates too.

Bunny Hunter (curse, curseforge, github)
Bunny Hunter tracks how many times you've looted mobs that drop rare pets, how long you've spent farming and shows you the chance that you should have gotten your pet by now. Supports (nearly) all the farmable pets and tracks multiple drops of each pet. Just start looting those Bloodsail Pirates! It has been downloaded over 60,000 times, as of September 2012.
BuffGuide (curse, curseforge, github)
This simple addon shows the 8 MoP raid buffs (and where to get them if you're missing them), along with food and flask status. Replaces the long-deprecated BuffEnough.
Non Compos Mentis (curse, curseforge, github)
Are you working on Insane in the Membrane? This addon helps you track how many kills and quests you need to complete the various requirements. The Latin term "Non Compos Mentis" means "not of sound mind"; Because you'd have to be. Over 1300 people have downloaded the latest version, as of December 15 2010.
Auc-Searcher-Insane (curse, curseforge, github)
If you're working on Darkmoon Faire rep for the [Insane in the Membrane] achievement, you'll need to watch the auction house for lots of different items - many cards, decks and herbs. This addon lets you set a budget per epic deck (350 rep) and then finds any items that fit within your budget. This is a plugin for Auctioneer and requires the Auctioneer addon to work.
MillHouse (curse, curseforge, github)
Quickly summarize which herbs in your bags are in enough quantity for milling.
Precedence (curse, curseforge, github)
Precedence is a raiding hunter's dashboard. It shows shot priority countdowns, warnings and timers that are useful to a hunter who wants to maximize their DPS.
Professor2 (github)
My fork of Professor, adding a GUI for tracking archaeology progress.
ComboMeal (curse, curseforge, github)
An addon for monitoring combo-point abilities and cooldowns for raiding combat rogues.
ButtonMash (github)
A multi-class version of ComboMeal, not quite ready to use.


I created the software that powers the weekly Jumbles on Saate.net (now defunct). It's one of my favorite WoW blogs, focusing on obsessive play. Definately worth a read. And the weekly jumble challenge is fun. [github repo]


I re-wrote and maintained the Hunter Module for Rawr during the 2.2.* releases. At the time, it was a 100% match for the spreadsheet; I submitted back several pacthes for bugs in the rotation simulation code, pet talents and lots of little issues which can be found here.

Since then, the module was rewritten breaking most calculations and should not be used. Either use the spreadsheet (which now has a gear optimizer, which is a reasonable substitute) or the web app Female Dwarf which is excellent.

Other code

GuildInfo is a simple web app I put together in around 2008 as a way to collect together the photos from my guild. It grew to include achievements, stats and quests as Blizzard opened up the armory for the first time.

When I started leading 25 man raids, tracking attendance for our zero-sum-DKP-with-bonsues system became difficult. I created AttendanceTracker as a simple tool to let me quickly enter raid events (players joining and leaving, boss kills, starting rosters, etc) and getting a better picture of attendance over time.

I created RaidTracker once my guild started using HeadCount for attendance and loot tracking. It's a simple web frontend to HeadCount data, allowing you to view who killed what and which items were looted.