iTunes Remote

A Cal Henderson Project
Started May 13th, 2009


What Is It?

iTunesRemote is a simple web interface that allows you to control iTunes over the web. The setup looks something like this:

I use this software to remote-control iTunes on my media server, which is connected to speakers around my house. It acts much like the Apple 'Remote' app for the iPhone, but runs in a browser (and is much less flakey). Multiple people can use it at once (and much hilarity ensues).

The application will only run on a Mac (It uses AppleScript to communicate with iTunes) and is written in PHP. OSX comes with Apache and PHP (required), but will require a little configuration.


Get a copy

iTunes Remote is being actively developed and has not had a formal release.

You can get the latest version of it from my public Git repository here:



While all code has been (so far) written by Cal Henderson, the project was inspired by this article, which suggested AppleScript. If you want to remake this for Windows, there's a Python library for talking to iTunes via COM.

Oh, and all the design is taken from Apple's iTunes, of course.