Emoji for PHP

This library allows the handling and conversion of Emoji in PHP.

You can download a zipfile of the latest code, which contains a helpful readme file.

If you want to browse the code, it's in a public GitHub repo.



	# browser sniffing tells us that a docomo phone
	# submitted this text

	$clean_text = emoji_docomo_to_unified($_POST[message]);


	# now we want to show it in a desktop browser

	$html = emoji_unified_to_html($clean_text);

WTF is this crap?

Ahh, young grasshopper. You might want to read this first.

Full Emoji Catalog

Name Unified DoCoMo KDDI Softbank Google
black sun with rays U+2600 U+E63E U+E488 U+E04A U+FE000
cloud U+2601 U+E63F U+E48D U+E049 U+FE001
umbrella with rain drops U+2614 U+E640 U+E48C U+E04B U+FE002
snowman without snow U+26C4 U+E641 U+E485 U+E048 U+FE003
high voltage sign U+26A1 U+E642 U+E487 U+E13D U+FE004
cyclone U+1F300 U+E643 U+E469 U+E443 U+FE005
foggy U+1F301 U+E644 U+E598 - U+FE006
closed umbrella U+1F302 U+E645 U+EAE8 U+E43C U+FE007
night with stars U+1F303 U+E6B3 U+EAF1 U+E44B U+FE008
sunrise over mountains U+1F304 U+E63E U+EAF4 U+E04D U+FE009
sunrise U+1F305 U+E63E U+EAF4 U+E449 U+FE00A
cityscape at dusk U+1F306 - U+E5DA U+E146 U+FE00B
sunset over buildings U+1F307 U+E63E U+E5DA U+E44A U+FE00C
rainbow U+1F308 - U+EAF2 U+E44C U+FE00D
snowflake U+2744 - U+E48A - U+FE00E
sun behind cloud U+26C5 U+E63E U+E63F U+E48E U+E04A U+E049 U+FE00F
bridge at night U+1F309 U+E6B3 U+E4BF U+E44B U+FE010
water wave U+1F30A U+E73F U+EB7C U+E43E U+FE038
volcano U+1F30B - U+EB53 - U+FE03A
milky way U+1F30C U+E6B3 U+EB5F U+E44B U+FE03B
earth globe asia-australia U+1F30F - U+E5B3 - U+FE039
new moon symbol U+1F311 U+E69C U+E5A8 - U+FE011
waxing gibbous moon symbol U+1F314 U+E69D U+E5A9 U+E04C U+FE012
first quarter moon symbol U+1F313 U+E69E U+E5AA U+E04C U+FE013
crescent moon U+1F319 U+E69F U+E486 U+E04C U+FE014
full moon symbol U+1F315 U+E6A0 - - U+FE015
first quarter moon with face U+1F31B U+E69E U+E489 U+E04C U+FE016
glowing star U+1F31F - U+E48B U+E335 U+FEB69
shooting star U+1F320 - U+E468 - U+FEB6A
clock face one oclock U+1F550 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E024 U+FE01E
clock face two oclock U+1F551 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E025 U+FE01F
clock face three oclock U+1F552 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E026 U+FE020
clock face four oclock U+1F553 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E027 U+FE021
clock face five oclock U+1F554 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E028 U+FE022
clock face six oclock U+1F555 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E029 U+FE023
clock face seven oclock U+1F556 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02A U+FE024
clock face eight oclock U+1F557 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02B U+FE025
clock face nine oclock U+1F558 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02C U+FE026
clock face ten oclock U+1F559 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02D U+FE027
clock face eleven oclock U+1F55A U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02E U+FE028
clock face twelve oclock U+1F55B U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02F U+FE029
watch U+231A U+E71F U+E57A - U+FE01D
hourglass U+231B U+E71C U+E57B - U+FE01C
alarm clock U+23F0 U+E6BA U+E594 U+E02D U+FE02A
hourglass with flowing sand U+23F3 U+E71C U+E47C - U+FE01B
aries U+2648 U+E646 U+E48F U+E23F U+FE02B
taurus U+2649 U+E647 U+E490 U+E240 U+FE02C
gemini U+264A U+E648 U+E491 U+E241 U+FE02D
cancer U+264B U+E649 U+E492 U+E242 U+FE02E
leo U+264C U+E64A U+E493 U+E243 U+FE02F
virgo U+264D U+E64B U+E494 U+E244 U+FE030
libra U+264E U+E64C U+E495 U+E245 U+FE031
scorpius U+264F U+E64D U+E496 U+E246 U+FE032
sagittarius U+2650 U+E64E U+E497 U+E247 U+FE033
capricorn U+2651 U+E64F U+E498 U+E248 U+FE034
aquarius U+2652 U+E650 U+E499 U+E249 U+FE035
pisces U+2653 U+E651 U+E49A U+E24A U+FE036
ophiuchus U+26CE - U+E49B U+E24B U+FE037
four leaf clover U+1F340 U+E741 U+E513 U+E110 U+FE03C
tulip U+1F337 U+E743 U+E4E4 U+E304 U+FE03D
seedling U+1F331 U+E746 U+EB7D U+E110 U+FE03E
maple leaf U+1F341 U+E747 U+E4CE U+E118 U+FE03F
cherry blossom U+1F338 U+E748 U+E4CA U+E030 U+FE040
rose U+1F339 - U+E5BA U+E032 U+FE041
fallen leaf U+1F342 U+E747 U+E5CD U+E119 U+FE042
leaf fluttering in wind U+1F343 - U+E5CD U+E447 U+FE043
hibiscus U+1F33A - U+EA94 U+E303 U+FE045
sunflower U+1F33B - U+E4E3 U+E305 U+FE046
palm tree U+1F334 - U+E4E2 U+E307 U+FE047
cactus U+1F335 - U+EA96 U+E308 U+FE048
ear of rice U+1F33E - - U+E444 U+FE049
ear of maize U+1F33D - U+EB36 - U+FE04A
mushroom U+1F344 - U+EB37 - U+FE04B
chestnut U+1F330 - U+EB38 - U+FE04C
blossom U+1F33C - U+EB49 U+E305 U+FE04D
herb U+1F33F U+E741 U+EB82 U+E110 U+FE04E
cherries U+1F352 U+E742 U+E4D2 - U+FE04F
banana U+1F34C U+E744 U+EB35 - U+FE050
red apple U+1F34E U+E745 U+EAB9 U+E345 U+FE051
tangerine U+1F34A - U+EABA U+E346 U+FE052
strawberry U+1F353 - U+E4D4 U+E347 U+FE053
watermelon U+1F349 - U+E4CD U+E348 U+FE054
tomato U+1F345 - U+EABB U+E349 U+FE055
aubergine U+1F346 - U+EABC U+E34A U+FE056
melon U+1F348 - U+EB32 - U+FE057
pineapple U+1F34D - U+EB33 - U+FE058
grapes U+1F347 - U+EB34 - U+FE059
peach U+1F351 - U+EB39 - U+FE05A
green apple U+1F34F U+E745 U+EB5A U+E345 U+FE05B
eyes U+1F440 U+E691 U+E5A4 U+E419 U+FE190
ear U+1F442 U+E692 U+E5A5 U+E41B U+FE191
nose U+1F443 - U+EAD0 U+E41A U+FE192
mouth U+1F444 U+E6F9 U+EAD1 U+E41C U+FE193
tongue U+1F445 U+E728 U+EB47 U+E409 U+FE194
lipstick U+1F484 U+E710 U+E509 U+E31C U+FE195
nail polish U+1F485 - U+EAA0 U+E31D U+FE196
face massage U+1F486 - U+E50B U+E31E U+FE197
haircut U+1F487 U+E675 U+EAA1 U+E31F U+FE198
barber pole U+1F488 - U+EAA2 U+E320 U+FE199
bust in silhouette U+1F464 U+E6B1 - - U+FE19A
boy U+1F466 U+E6F0 U+E4FC U+E001 U+FE19B
girl U+1F467 U+E6F0 U+E4FA U+E002 U+FE19C
man U+1F468 U+E6F0 U+E4FC U+E004 U+FE19D
woman U+1F469 U+E6F0 U+E4FA U+E005 U+FE19E
family U+1F46A - U+E501 - U+FE19F
man and woman holding hands U+1F46B - - U+E428 U+FE1A0
police officer U+1F46E - U+E5DD U+E152 U+FE1A1
woman with bunny ears U+1F46F - U+EADB U+E429 U+FE1A2
bride with veil U+1F470 - U+EAE9 - U+FE1A3
person with blond hair U+1F471 - U+EB13 U+E515 U+FE1A4
man with gua pi mao U+1F472 - U+EB14 U+E516 U+FE1A5
man with turban U+1F473 - U+EB15 U+E517 U+FE1A6
older man U+1F474 - U+EB16 U+E518 U+FE1A7
older woman U+1F475 - U+EB17 U+E519 U+FE1A8
baby U+1F476 - U+EB18 U+E51A U+FE1A9
construction worker U+1F477 - U+EB19 U+E51B U+FE1AA
princess U+1F478 - U+EB1A U+E51C U+FE1AB
japanese ogre U+1F479 - U+EB44 - U+FE1AC
japanese goblin U+1F47A - U+EB45 - U+FE1AD
ghost U+1F47B - U+E4CB U+E11B U+FE1AE
baby angel U+1F47C - U+E5BF U+E04E U+FE1AF
extraterrestrial alien U+1F47D - U+E50E U+E10C U+FE1B0
alien monster U+1F47E - U+E4EC U+E12B U+FE1B1
imp U+1F47F - U+E4EF U+E11A U+FE1B2
skull U+1F480 - U+E4F8 U+E11C U+FE1B3
information desk person U+1F481 - - U+E253 U+FE1B4
guardsman U+1F482 - - U+E51E U+FE1B5
dancer U+1F483 - U+EB1C U+E51F U+FE1B6
snail U+1F40C U+E74E U+EB7E - U+FE1B9
snake U+1F40D - U+EB22 U+E52D U+FE1D3
horse U+1F40E U+E754 U+E4D8 U+E134 U+FE7DC
chicken U+1F414 - U+EB23 U+E52E U+FE1D4
boar U+1F417 - U+EB24 U+E52F U+FE1D5
bactrian camel U+1F42B - U+EB25 U+E530 U+FE1D6
elephant U+1F418 - U+EB1F U+E526 U+FE1CC
koala U+1F428 - U+EB20 U+E527 U+FE1CD
monkey U+1F412 - U+E4D9 U+E528 U+FE1CE
sheep U+1F411 - U+E48F U+E529 U+FE1CF
octopus U+1F419 - U+E5C7 U+E10A U+FE1C5
spiral shell U+1F41A - U+EAEC U+E441 U+FE1C6
bug U+1F41B - U+EB1E U+E525 U+FE1CB
ant U+1F41C - U+E4DD - U+FE1DA
honeybee U+1F41D - U+EB57 - U+FE1E1
lady beetle U+1F41E - U+EB58 - U+FE1E2
tropical fish U+1F420 U+E751 U+EB1D U+E522 U+FE1C9
blowfish U+1F421 U+E751 U+E4D3 U+E019 U+FE1D9
turtle U+1F422 - U+E5D4 - U+FE1DC
baby chick U+1F424 U+E74F U+E4E0 U+E523 U+FE1BA
front-facing baby chick U+1F425 U+E74F U+EB76 U+E523 U+FE1BB
bird U+1F426 U+E74F U+E4E0 U+E521 U+FE1C8
hatching chick U+1F423 U+E74F U+E5DB U+E523 U+FE1DD
penguin U+1F427 U+E750 U+E4DC U+E055 U+FE1BC
poodle U+1F429 U+E6A1 U+E4DF U+E052 U+FE1D8
fish U+1F41F U+E751 U+E49A U+E019 U+FE1BD
dolphin U+1F42C - U+EB1B U+E520 U+FE1C7
mouse face U+1F42D - U+E5C2 U+E053 U+FE1C2
tiger face U+1F42F - U+E5C0 U+E050 U+FE1C0
cat face U+1F431 U+E6A2 U+E4DB U+E04F U+FE1B8
spouting whale U+1F433 - U+E470 U+E054 U+FE1C3
horse face U+1F434 U+E754 U+E4D8 U+E01A U+FE1BE
monkey face U+1F435 - U+E4D9 U+E109 U+FE1C4
dog face U+1F436 U+E6A1 U+E4E1 U+E052 U+FE1B7
pig face U+1F437 U+E755 U+E4DE U+E10B U+FE1BF
bear face U+1F43B - U+E5C1 U+E051 U+FE1C1
hamster face U+1F439 - - U+E524 U+FE1CA
wolf face U+1F43A U+E6A1 U+E4E1 U+E52A U+FE1D0
cow face U+1F42E - U+EB21 U+E52B U+FE1D1
rabbit face U+1F430 - U+E4D7 U+E52C U+FE1D2
frog face U+1F438 - U+E4DA U+E531 U+FE1D7
paw prints U+1F43E U+E698 U+E4EE U+E536 U+FE1DB
dragon face U+1F432 - U+EB3F - U+FE1DE
panda face U+1F43C - U+EB46 - U+FE1DF
pig nose U+1F43D U+E755 U+EB48 U+E10B U+FE1E0
angry face U+1F620 U+E6F1 U+E472 U+E059 U+FE320
weary face U+1F629 U+E6F3 U+EB67 U+E403 U+FE321
astonished face U+1F632 U+E6F4 U+EACA U+E410 U+FE322
disappointed face U+1F61E U+E6F2 U+EAC0 U+E058 U+FE323
dizzy face U+1F635 U+E6F4 U+E5AE U+E406 U+FE324
face with open mouth and cold sweat U+1F630 U+E723 U+EACB U+E40F U+FE325
unamused face U+1F612 U+E725 U+EAC9 U+E40E U+FE326
smiling face with heart-shaped eyes U+1F60D U+E726 U+E5C4 U+E106 U+FE327
face with look of triumph U+1F624 U+E753 U+EAC1 U+E404 U+FE328
face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye U+1F61C U+E728 U+E4E7 U+E105 U+FE329
face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes U+1F61D U+E728 U+E4E7 U+E409 U+FE32A
face savouring delicious food U+1F60B U+E752 U+EACD U+E056 U+FE32B
face throwing a kiss U+1F618 U+E726 U+EACF U+E418 U+FE32C
kissing face with closed eyes U+1F61A U+E726 U+EACE U+E417 U+FE32D
face with medical mask U+1F637 - U+EAC7 U+E40C U+FE32E
flushed face U+1F633 U+E72A U+EAC8 U+E40D U+FE32F
smiling face with open mouth U+1F603 U+E6F0 U+E471 U+E057 U+FE330
smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat U+1F605 U+E722 U+E471 U+E5B1 U+E415 U+E331 U+FE331
smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes U+1F606 U+E72A U+EAC5 U+E40A U+FE332
grinning face with smiling eyes U+1F601 U+E753 U+EB80 U+E404 U+FE333
face with tears of joy U+1F602 U+E72A U+EB64 U+E412 U+FE334
smiling face with smiling eyes U+1F60A U+E6F0 U+EACD U+E056 U+FE335
white smiling face U+263A U+E6F0 U+E4FB U+E414 U+FE336
smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes U+1F604 U+E6F0 U+E471 U+E415 U+FE338
crying face U+1F622 U+E72E U+EB69 U+E413 U+FE339
loudly crying face U+1F62D U+E72D U+E473 U+E411 U+FE33A
fearful face U+1F628 U+E757 U+EAC6 U+E40B U+FE33B
persevering face U+1F623 U+E72B U+EAC2 U+E406 U+FE33C
pouting face U+1F621 U+E724 U+EB5D U+E416 U+FE33D
relieved face U+1F60C U+E721 U+EAC5 U+E40A U+FE33E
confounded face U+1F616 U+E6F3 U+EAC3 U+E407 U+FE33F
pensive face U+1F614 U+E720 U+EAC0 U+E403 U+FE340
face screaming in fear U+1F631 U+E757 U+E5C5 U+E107 U+FE341
sleepy face U+1F62A U+E701 U+EAC4 U+E408 U+FE342
smirking face U+1F60F U+E72C U+EABF U+E402 U+FE343
face with cold sweat U+1F613 U+E723 U+E5C6 U+E108 U+FE344
disappointed but relieved face U+1F625 U+E723 U+E5C6 U+E401 U+FE345
tired face U+1F62B U+E72B U+E474 U+E406 U+FE346
winking face U+1F609 U+E729 U+E5C3 U+E405 U+FE347
smiling cat face with open mouth U+1F63A U+E6F0 U+EB61 U+E057 U+FE348
grinning cat face with smiling eyes U+1F638 U+E753 U+EB7F U+E404 U+FE349
cat face with tears of joy U+1F639 U+E72A U+EB63 U+E412 U+FE34A
kissing cat face with closed eyes U+1F63D U+E726 U+EB60 U+E418 U+FE34B
smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes U+1F63B U+E726 U+EB65 U+E106 U+FE34C
crying cat face U+1F63F U+E72E U+EB68 U+E413 U+FE34D
pouting cat face U+1F63E U+E724 U+EB5E U+E416 U+FE34E
cat face with wry smile U+1F63C U+E753 U+EB6A U+E404 U+FE34F
weary cat face U+1F640 U+E6F3 U+EB66 U+E403 U+FE350
face with no good gesture U+1F645 U+E72F U+EAD7 U+E423 U+FE351
face with ok gesture U+1F646 U+E70B U+EAD8 U+E424 U+FE352
person bowing deeply U+1F647 - U+EAD9 U+E426 U+FE353
see-no-evil monkey U+1F648 - U+EB50 - U+FE354
speak-no-evil monkey U+1F64A - U+EB51 - U+FE355
hear-no-evil monkey U+1F649 - U+EB52 - U+FE356
happy person raising one hand U+1F64B - U+EB85 U+E012 U+FE357
person raising both hands in celebration U+1F64C - U+EB86 U+E427 U+FE358
person frowning U+1F64D U+E6F3 U+EB87 U+E403 U+FE359
person with pouting face U+1F64E U+E6F1 U+EB88 U+E416 U+FE35A
person with folded hands U+1F64F - U+EAD2 U+E41D U+FE35B
house building U+1F3E0 U+E663 U+E4AB U+E036 U+FE4B0
house with garden U+1F3E1 U+E663 U+EB09 U+E036 U+FE4B1
office building U+1F3E2 U+E664 U+E4AD U+E038 U+FE4B2
japanese post office U+1F3E3 U+E665 U+E5DE U+E153 U+FE4B3
hospital U+1F3E5 U+E666 U+E5DF U+E155 U+FE4B4
bank U+1F3E6 U+E667 U+E4AA U+E14D U+FE4B5
automated teller machine U+1F3E7 U+E668 U+E4A3 U+E154 U+FE4B6
hotel U+1F3E8 U+E669 U+EA81 U+E158 U+FE4B7
love hotel U+1F3E9 U+E669 U+E6EF U+EAF3 U+E501 U+FE4B8
convenience store U+1F3EA U+E66A U+E4A4 U+E156 U+FE4B9
school U+1F3EB U+E73E U+EA80 U+E157 U+FE4BA
church U+26EA - U+E5BB U+E037 U+FE4BB
fountain U+26F2 - U+E5CF U+E121 U+FE4BC
department store U+1F3EC - U+EAF6 U+E504 U+FE4BD
japanese castle U+1F3EF - U+EAF7 U+E505 U+FE4BE
european castle U+1F3F0 - U+EAF8 U+E506 U+FE4BF
factory U+1F3ED - U+EAF9 U+E508 U+FE4C0
anchor U+2693 U+E661 U+E4A9 U+E202 U+FE4C1
izakaya lantern U+1F3EE U+E74B U+E4BD U+E30B U+FE4C2
mount fuji U+1F5FB U+E740 U+E5BD U+E03B U+FE4C3
tokyo tower U+1F5FC - U+E4C0 U+E509 U+FE4C4
statue of liberty U+1F5FD - - U+E51D U+FE4C6
silhouette of japan U+1F5FE - U+E572 - U+FE4C7
moyai U+1F5FF - U+EB6C - U+FE4C8
mans shoe U+1F45E U+E699 U+E5B7 U+E007 U+FE4CC
athletic shoe U+1F45F U+E699 U+EB2B U+E007 U+FE4CD
high-heeled shoe U+1F460 U+E674 U+E51A U+E13E U+FE4D6
womans sandal U+1F461 U+E674 U+E51A U+E31A U+FE4D7
womans boots U+1F462 - U+EA9F U+E31B U+FE4D8
footprints U+1F463 U+E698 U+EB2A U+E536 U+FE553
eyeglasses U+1F453 U+E69A U+E4FE - U+FE4CE
t-shirt U+1F455 U+E70E U+E5B6 U+E006 U+FE4CF
jeans U+1F456 U+E711 U+EB77 - U+FE4D0
crown U+1F451 U+E71A U+E5C9 U+E10E U+FE4D1
necktie U+1F454 - U+EA93 U+E302 U+FE4D3
womans hat U+1F452 - U+EA9E U+E318 U+FE4D4
dress U+1F457 - U+EB6B U+E319 U+FE4D5
kimono U+1F458 - U+EAA3 U+E321 U+FE4D9
bikini U+1F459 - U+EAA4 U+E322 U+FE4DA
womans clothes U+1F45A U+E70E U+E50D U+E006 U+FE4DB
purse U+1F45B U+E70F U+E504 - U+FE4DC
handbag U+1F45C U+E682 U+E49C U+E323 U+FE4F0
pouch U+1F45D U+E6AD - - U+FE4F1
money bag U+1F4B0 U+E715 U+E4C7 U+E12F U+FE4DD
currency exchange U+1F4B1 - - U+E149 U+FE4DE
chart with upwards trend and yen sign U+1F4B9 - U+E5DC U+E14A U+FE4DF
heavy dollar sign U+1F4B2 U+E715 U+E579 U+E12F U+FE4E0
credit card U+1F4B3 - U+E57C - U+FE4E1
banknote with yen sign U+1F4B4 U+E6D6 U+E57D - U+FE4E2
banknote with dollar sign U+1F4B5 U+E715 U+E585 U+E12F U+FE4E3
money with wings U+1F4B8 - U+EB5B - U+FE4E4
regional indicator symbol letters cn U+1F1E8 U+1F1F3 - U+EB11 U+E513 U+FE4ED
regional indicator symbol letters de U+1F1E9 U+1F1EA - U+EB0E U+E50E U+FE4E8
regional indicator symbol letters es U+1F1EA U+1F1F8 - U+E5D5 U+E511 U+FE4EB
regional indicator symbol letters fr U+1F1EB U+1F1F7 - U+EAFA U+E50D U+FE4E7
regional indicator symbol letters gb U+1F1EC U+1F1E7 - U+EB10 U+E510 U+FE4EA
regional indicator symbol letters it U+1F1EE U+1F1F9 - U+EB0F U+E50F U+FE4E9
regional indicator symbol letters jp U+1F1EF U+1F1F5 - U+E4CC U+E50B U+FE4E5
regional indicator symbol letters kr U+1F1F0 U+1F1F7 - U+EB12 U+E514 U+FE4EE
regional indicator symbol letters ru U+1F1F7 U+1F1FA - U+E5D6 U+E512 U+FE4EC
regional indicator symbol letters us U+1F1FA U+1F1F8 - U+E573 U+E50C U+FE4E6
fire U+1F525 - U+E47B U+E11D U+FE4F6
electric torch U+1F526 U+E6FB U+E583 - U+FE4FB
wrench U+1F527 U+E718 U+E587 - U+FE4C9
hammer U+1F528 - U+E5CB U+E116 U+FE4CA
nut and bolt U+1F529 - U+E581 - U+FE4CB
hocho U+1F52A - U+E57F - U+FE4FA
pistol U+1F52B - U+E50A U+E113 U+FE4F5
crystal ball U+1F52E - U+EA8F U+E23E U+FE4F7
six pointed star with middle dot U+1F52F - U+EA8F U+E23E U+FE4F8
japanese symbol for beginner U+1F530 - U+E480 U+E209 U+FE044
trident emblem U+1F531 U+E71A U+E5C9 U+E031 U+FE4D2
syringe U+1F489 - U+E510 U+E13B U+FE509
pill U+1F48A - U+EA9A U+E30F U+FE50A
negative squared latin capital letter a U+1F170 - U+EB26 U+E532 U+FE50B
negative squared latin capital letter b U+1F171 - U+EB27 U+E533 U+FE50C
negative squared ab U+1F18E - U+EB29 U+E534 U+FE50D
negative squared latin capital letter o U+1F17E - U+EB28 U+E535 U+FE50E
ribbon U+1F380 U+E684 U+E59F U+E314 U+FE50F
wrapped present U+1F381 U+E685 U+E4CF U+E112 U+FE510
birthday cake U+1F382 U+E686 U+E5A0 U+E34B U+FE511
christmas tree U+1F384 U+E6A4 U+E4C9 U+E033 U+FE512
father christmas U+1F385 - U+EAF0 U+E448 U+FE513
crossed flags U+1F38C - U+E5D9 U+E143 U+FE514
fireworks U+1F386 - U+E5CC U+E117 U+FE515
balloon U+1F388 - U+EA9B U+E310 U+FE516
party popper U+1F389 - U+EA9C U+E312 U+FE517
pine decoration U+1F38D - U+EAE3 U+E436 U+FE518
japanese dolls U+1F38E - U+EAE4 U+E438 U+FE519
graduation cap U+1F393 - U+EAE5 U+E439 U+FE51A
school satchel U+1F392 - U+EAE6 U+E43A U+FE51B
carp streamer U+1F38F - U+EAE7 U+E43B U+FE51C
firework sparkler U+1F387 - U+EAEB U+E440 U+FE51D
wind chime U+1F390 - U+EAED U+E442 U+FE51E
jack-o-lantern U+1F383 - U+EAEE U+E445 U+FE51F
confetti ball U+1F38A - U+E46F - U+FE520
tanabata tree U+1F38B - U+EB3D - U+FE521
moon viewing ceremony U+1F391 - U+EAEF U+E446 U+FE017
pager U+1F4DF U+E65A U+E59B - U+FE522
black telephone U+260E U+E687 U+E596 U+E009 U+FE523
telephone receiver U+1F4DE U+E687 U+E51E U+E009 U+FE524
mobile phone U+1F4F1 U+E688 U+E588 U+E00A U+FE525
mobile phone with rightwards arrow at left U+1F4F2 U+E6CE U+EB08 U+E104 U+FE526
memo U+1F4DD U+E689 U+EA92 U+E301 U+FE527
fax machine U+1F4E0 U+E6D0 U+E520 U+E00B U+FE528
envelope U+2709 U+E6D3 U+E521 U+E103 U+FE529
incoming envelope U+1F4E8 U+E6CF U+E591 U+E103 U+FE52A
envelope with downwards arrow above U+1F4E9 U+E6CF U+EB62 U+E103 U+FE52B
closed mailbox with lowered flag U+1F4EA U+E665 U+E51B U+E101 U+FE52C
closed mailbox with raised flag U+1F4EB U+E665 U+EB0A U+E101 U+FE52D
postbox U+1F4EE U+E665 U+E51B U+E102 U+FE52E
newspaper U+1F4F0 - U+E58B - U+FE822
public address loudspeaker U+1F4E2 - U+E511 U+E142 U+FE52F
cheering megaphone U+1F4E3 - U+E511 U+E317 U+FE530
satellite antenna U+1F4E1 - U+E4A8 U+E14B U+FE531
outbox tray U+1F4E4 - U+E592 - U+FE533
inbox tray U+1F4E5 - U+E593 - U+FE534
package U+1F4E6 U+E685 U+E51F U+E112 U+FE535
e-mail symbol U+1F4E7 U+E6D3 U+EB71 U+E103 U+FEB92
input symbol for latin capital letters U+1F520 - U+EAFD - U+FEB7C
input symbol for latin small letters U+1F521 - U+EAFE - U+FEB7D
input symbol for numbers U+1F522 - U+EAFF - U+FEB7E
input symbol for symbols U+1F523 - U+EB00 - U+FEB7F
input symbol for latin letters U+1F524 - U+EB55 - U+FEB80
black nib U+2712 U+E6AE U+EB03 - U+FE536
seat U+1F4BA U+E6B2 - U+E11F U+FE537
personal computer U+1F4BB U+E716 U+E5B8 U+E00C U+FE538
pencil U+270F U+E719 U+E4A1 U+E301 U+FE539
paperclip U+1F4CE U+E730 U+E4A0 - U+FE53A
briefcase U+1F4BC U+E682 U+E5CE U+E11E U+FE53B
minidisc U+1F4BD - U+E582 U+E316 U+FE53C
floppy disk U+1F4BE - U+E562 U+E316 U+FE53D
optical disc U+1F4BF U+E68C U+E50C U+E126 U+FE81D
dvd U+1F4C0 U+E68C U+E50C U+E127 U+FE81E
black scissors U+2702 U+E675 U+E516 U+E313 U+FE53E
round pushpin U+1F4CD - U+E560 - U+FE53F
page with curl U+1F4C3 U+E689 U+E561 U+E301 U+FE540
page facing up U+1F4C4 U+E689 U+E569 U+E301 U+FE541
calendar U+1F4C5 - U+E563 - U+FE542
file folder U+1F4C1 - U+E58F - U+FE543
open file folder U+1F4C2 - U+E590 - U+FE544
notebook U+1F4D3 U+E683 U+E56B U+E148 U+FE545
open book U+1F4D6 U+E683 U+E49F U+E148 U+FE546
notebook with decorative cover U+1F4D4 U+E683 U+E49D U+E148 U+FE547
closed book U+1F4D5 U+E683 U+E568 U+E148 U+FE502
green book U+1F4D7 U+E683 U+E565 U+E148 U+FE4FF
blue book U+1F4D8 U+E683 U+E566 U+E148 U+FE500
orange book U+1F4D9 U+E683 U+E567 U+E148 U+FE501
books U+1F4DA U+E683 U+E56F U+E148 U+FE503
name badge U+1F4DB - U+E51D - U+FE504
scroll U+1F4DC U+E70A U+E55F - U+FE4FD
clipboard U+1F4CB U+E689 U+E564 U+E301 U+FE548
tear-off calendar U+1F4C6 - U+E56A - U+FE549
bar chart U+1F4CA - U+E574 U+E14A U+FE54A
chart with upwards trend U+1F4C8 - U+E575 U+E14A U+FE54B
chart with downwards trend U+1F4C9 - U+E576 - U+FE54C
card index U+1F4C7 U+E683 U+E56C U+E148 U+FE54D
pushpin U+1F4CC - U+E56D - U+FE54E
ledger U+1F4D2 U+E683 U+E56E U+E148 U+FE54F
straight ruler U+1F4CF - U+E570 - U+FE550
triangular ruler U+1F4D0 - U+E4A2 - U+FE551
bookmark tabs U+1F4D1 U+E689 U+EB0B U+E301 U+FE552
running shirt with sash U+1F3BD U+E652 - - U+FE7D0
baseball U+26BE U+E653 U+E4BA U+E016 U+FE7D1
flag in hole U+26F3 U+E654 U+E599 U+E014 U+FE7D2
tennis racquet and ball U+1F3BE U+E655 U+E4B7 U+E015 U+FE7D3
soccer ball U+26BD U+E656 U+E4B6 U+E018 U+FE7D4
ski and ski boot U+1F3BF U+E657 U+EAAC U+E013 U+FE7D5
basketball and hoop U+1F3C0 U+E658 U+E59A U+E42A U+FE7D6
chequered flag U+1F3C1 U+E659 U+E4B9 U+E132 U+FE7D7
snowboarder U+1F3C2 U+E712 U+E4B8 - U+FE7D8
runner U+1F3C3 U+E733 U+E46B U+E115 U+FE7D9
surfer U+1F3C4 U+E712 U+EB41 U+E017 U+FE7DA
trophy U+1F3C6 - U+E5D3 U+E131 U+FE7DB
american football U+1F3C8 - U+E4BB U+E42B U+FE7DD
swimmer U+1F3CA - U+EADE U+E42D U+FE7DE
railway car U+1F683 U+E65B U+E4B5 U+E01E U+FE7DF
metro U+1F687 U+E65C U+E5BC U+E434 U+FE7E0
circled latin capital letter m U+24C2 U+E65C U+E5BC U+E434 U+FE7E1
high-speed train U+1F684 U+E65D U+E4B0 U+E435 U+FE7E2
high-speed train with bullet nose U+1F685 U+E65D U+E4B0 U+E01F U+FE7E3
automobile U+1F697 U+E65E U+E4B1 U+E01B U+FE7E4
recreational vehicle U+1F699 U+E65F U+E4B1 U+E42E U+FE7E5
bus U+1F68C U+E660 U+E4AF U+E159 U+FE7E6
bus stop U+1F68F - U+E4A7 U+E150 U+FE7E7
ship U+1F6A2 U+E661 U+EA82 U+E202 U+FE7E8
airplane U+2708 U+E662 U+E4B3 U+E01D U+FE7E9
sailboat U+26F5 U+E6A3 U+E4B4 U+E01C U+FE7EA
station U+1F689 - U+EB6D U+E039 U+FE7EC
rocket U+1F680 - U+E5C8 U+E10D U+FE7ED
speedboat U+1F6A4 U+E6A3 U+E4B4 U+E135 U+FE7EE
taxi U+1F695 U+E65E U+E4B1 U+E15A U+FE7EF
delivery truck U+1F69A - U+E4B2 U+E42F U+FE7F1
fire engine U+1F692 - U+EADF U+E430 U+FE7F2
ambulance U+1F691 - U+EAE0 U+E431 U+FE7F3
police car U+1F693 - U+EAE1 U+E432 U+FE7F4
fuel pump U+26FD U+E66B U+E571 U+E03A U+FE7F5
negative squared latin capital letter p U+1F17F U+E66C U+E4A6 U+E14F U+FE7F6
horizontal traffic light U+1F6A5 U+E66D U+E46A U+E14E U+FE7F7
construction sign U+1F6A7 - U+E5D7 U+E137 U+FE7F8
police cars revolving light U+1F6A8 - U+EB73 U+E432 U+FE7F9
hot springs U+2668 U+E6F7 U+E4BC U+E123 U+FE7FA
tent U+26FA - U+E5D0 U+E122 U+FE7FB
carousel horse U+1F3A0 U+E679 - - U+FE7FC
ferris wheel U+1F3A1 - U+E46D U+E124 U+FE7FD
roller coaster U+1F3A2 - U+EAE2 U+E433 U+FE7FE
fishing pole and fish U+1F3A3 U+E751 U+EB42 U+E019 U+FE7FF
microphone U+1F3A4 U+E676 U+E503 U+E03C U+FE800
movie camera U+1F3A5 U+E677 U+E517 U+E03D U+FE801
cinema U+1F3A6 U+E677 U+E517 U+E507 U+FE802
headphone U+1F3A7 U+E67A U+E508 U+E30A U+FE803
artist palette U+1F3A8 U+E67B U+E59C U+E502 U+FE804
top hat U+1F3A9 U+E67C U+EAF5 U+E503 U+FE805
circus tent U+1F3AA U+E67D U+E59E - U+FE806
ticket U+1F3AB U+E67E U+E49E U+E125 U+FE807
clapper board U+1F3AC U+E6AC U+E4BE U+E324 U+FE808
performing arts U+1F3AD - U+E59D U+E503 U+FE809
video game U+1F3AE U+E68B U+E4C6 - U+FE80A
mahjong tile red dragon U+1F004 - U+E5D1 U+E12D U+FE80B
direct hit U+1F3AF - U+E4C5 U+E130 U+FE80C
slot machine U+1F3B0 - U+E46E U+E133 U+FE80D
billiards U+1F3B1 - U+EADD U+E42C U+FE80E
game die U+1F3B2 - U+E4C8 - U+FE80F
bowling U+1F3B3 - U+EB43 - U+FE810
flower playing cards U+1F3B4 - U+EB6E - U+FE811
playing card black joker U+1F0CF - U+EB6F - U+FE812
musical note U+1F3B5 U+E6F6 U+E5BE U+E03E U+FE813
multiple musical notes U+1F3B6 U+E6FF U+E505 U+E326 U+FE814
saxophone U+1F3B7 - - U+E040 U+FE815
guitar U+1F3B8 - U+E506 U+E041 U+FE816
musical keyboard U+1F3B9 - U+EB40 - U+FE817
trumpet U+1F3BA - U+EADC U+E042 U+FE818
violin U+1F3BB - U+E507 - U+FE819
musical score U+1F3BC U+E6FF U+EACC U+E326 U+FE81A
part alternation mark U+303D - - U+E12C U+FE81B
camera U+1F4F7 U+E681 U+E515 U+E008 U+FE4EF
video camera U+1F4F9 U+E677 U+E57E U+E03D U+FE4F9
television U+1F4FA U+E68A U+E502 U+E12A U+FE81C
radio U+1F4FB - U+E5B9 U+E128 U+FE81F
videocassette U+1F4FC - U+E580 U+E129 U+FE820
kiss mark U+1F48B U+E6F9 U+E4EB U+E003 U+FE823
love letter U+1F48C U+E717 U+EB78 U+E103 U+E328 U+FE824
ring U+1F48D U+E71B U+E514 U+E034 U+FE825
gem stone U+1F48E U+E71B U+E514 U+E035 U+FE826
kiss U+1F48F U+E6F9 U+E5CA U+E111 U+FE827
bouquet U+1F490 - U+EA95 U+E306 U+FE828
couple with heart U+1F491 U+E6ED U+EADA U+E425 U+FE829
wedding U+1F492 - U+E5BB U+E43D U+FE82A
no one under eighteen symbol U+1F51E - U+EA83 U+E207 U+FEB25
copyright sign U+00A9 U+E731 U+E558 U+E24E U+FEB29
registered sign U+00AE U+E736 U+E559 U+E24F U+FEB2D
trade mark sign U+2122 U+E732 U+E54E U+E537 U+FEB2A
information source U+2139 - U+E533 - U+FEB47
hash key U+0023 U+20E3 U+E6E0 U+EB84 U+E210 U+FE82C
keycap 1 U+0031 U+20E3 U+E6E2 U+E522 U+E21C U+FE82E
keycap 2 U+0032 U+20E3 U+E6E3 U+E523 U+E21D U+FE82F
keycap 3 U+0033 U+20E3 U+E6E4 U+E524 U+E21E U+FE830
keycap 4 U+0034 U+20E3 U+E6E5 U+E525 U+E21F U+FE831
keycap 5 U+0035 U+20E3 U+E6E6 U+E526 U+E220 U+FE832
keycap 6 U+0036 U+20E3 U+E6E7 U+E527 U+E221 U+FE833
keycap 7 U+0037 U+20E3 U+E6E8 U+E528 U+E222 U+FE834
keycap 8 U+0038 U+20E3 U+E6E9 U+E529 U+E223 U+FE835
keycap 9 U+0039 U+20E3 U+E6EA U+E52A U+E224 U+FE836
keycap 0 U+0030 U+20E3 U+E6EB U+E5AC U+E225 U+FE837
keycap ten U+1F51F - U+E52B - U+FE83B
antenna with bars U+1F4F6 - U+EA84 U+E20B U+FE838
vibration mode U+1F4F3 - U+EA90 U+E250 U+FE839
mobile phone off U+1F4F4 - U+EA91 U+E251 U+FE83A
hamburger U+1F354 U+E673 U+E4D6 U+E120 U+FE960
rice ball U+1F359 U+E749 U+E4D5 U+E342 U+FE961
shortcake U+1F370 U+E74A U+E4D0 U+E046 U+FE962
steaming bowl U+1F35C U+E74C U+E5B4 U+E340 U+FE963
bread U+1F35E U+E74D U+EAAF U+E339 U+FE964
cooking U+1F373 - U+E4D1 U+E147 U+FE965
soft ice cream U+1F366 - U+EAB0 U+E33A U+FE966
french fries U+1F35F - U+EAB1 U+E33B U+FE967
dango U+1F361 - U+EAB2 U+E33C U+FE968
rice cracker U+1F358 - U+EAB3 U+E33D U+FE969
cooked rice U+1F35A U+E74C U+EAB4 U+E33E U+FE96A
spaghetti U+1F35D - U+EAB5 U+E33F U+FE96B
curry and rice U+1F35B - U+EAB6 U+E341 U+FE96C
oden U+1F362 - U+EAB7 U+E343 U+FE96D
sushi U+1F363 - U+EAB8 U+E344 U+FE96E
bento box U+1F371 - U+EABD U+E34C U+FE96F
pot of food U+1F372 - U+EABE U+E34D U+FE970
shaved ice U+1F367 - U+EAEA U+E43F U+FE971
meat on bone U+1F356 - U+E4C4 - U+FE972
fish cake with swirl design U+1F365 U+E643 U+E4ED - U+FE973
roasted sweet potato U+1F360 - U+EB3A - U+FE974
slice of pizza U+1F355 - U+EB3B - U+FE975
poultry leg U+1F357 - U+EB3C - U+FE976
ice cream U+1F368 - U+EB4A - U+FE977
doughnut U+1F369 - U+EB4B - U+FE978
cookie U+1F36A - U+EB4C - U+FE979
chocolate bar U+1F36B - U+EB4D - U+FE97A
candy U+1F36C - U+EB4E - U+FE97B
lollipop U+1F36D - U+EB4F - U+FE97C
custard U+1F36E - U+EB56 - U+FE97D
honey pot U+1F36F - U+EB59 - U+FE97E
fried shrimp U+1F364 - U+EB70 - U+FE97F
fork and knife U+1F374 U+E66F U+E4AC U+E043 U+FE980
hot beverage U+2615 U+E670 U+E597 U+E045 U+FE981
cocktail glass U+1F378 U+E671 U+E4C2 U+E044 U+FE982
beer mug U+1F37A U+E672 U+E4C3 U+E047 U+FE983
teacup without handle U+1F375 U+E71E U+EAAE U+E338 U+FE984
sake bottle and cup U+1F376 U+E74B U+EA97 U+E30B U+FE985
wine glass U+1F377 U+E756 U+E4C1 U+E044 U+FE986
clinking beer mugs U+1F37B U+E672 U+EA98 U+E30C U+FE987
tropical drink U+1F379 U+E671 U+EB3E U+E044 U+FE988
north east arrow U+2197 U+E678 U+E555 U+E236 U+FEAF0
south east arrow U+2198 U+E696 U+E54D U+E238 U+FEAF1
north west arrow U+2196 U+E697 U+E54C U+E237 U+FEAF2
south west arrow U+2199 U+E6A5 U+E556 U+E239 U+FEAF3
arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards U+2934 U+E6F5 U+EB2D U+E236 U+FEAF4
arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards U+2935 U+E700 U+EB2E U+E238 U+FEAF5
left right arrow U+2194 U+E73C U+EB7A - U+FEAF6
up down arrow U+2195 U+E73D U+EB7B - U+FEAF7
upwards black arrow U+2B06 - U+E53F U+E232 U+FEAF8
downwards black arrow U+2B07 - U+E540 U+E233 U+FEAF9
black rightwards arrow U+27A1 - U+E552 U+E234 U+FEAFA
leftwards black arrow U+2B05 - U+E553 U+E235 U+FEAFB
black right-pointing triangle U+25B6 - U+E52E U+E23A U+FEAFC
black left-pointing triangle U+25C0 - U+E52D U+E23B U+FEAFD
black right-pointing double triangle U+23E9 - U+E530 U+E23C U+FEAFE
black left-pointing double triangle U+23EA - U+E52F U+E23D U+FEAFF
black up-pointing double triangle U+23EB - U+E545 - U+FEB03
black down-pointing double triangle U+23EC - U+E544 - U+FEB02
up-pointing red triangle U+1F53A - U+E55A - U+FEB78
down-pointing red triangle U+1F53B - U+E55B - U+FEB79
up-pointing small red triangle U+1F53C - U+E543 - U+FEB01
down-pointing small red triangle U+1F53D - U+E542 - U+FEB00
heavy large circle U+2B55 U+E6A0 U+EAAD U+E332 U+FEB44
cross mark U+274C - U+E550 U+E333 U+FEB45
negative squared cross mark U+274E - U+E551 U+E333 U+FEB46
heavy exclamation mark symbol U+2757 U+E702 U+E482 U+E021 U+FEB04
exclamation question mark U+2049 U+E703 U+EB2F - U+FEB05
double exclamation mark U+203C U+E704 U+EB30 - U+FEB06
black question mark ornament U+2753 - U+E483 U+E020 U+FEB09
white question mark ornament U+2754 - U+E483 U+E336 U+FEB0A
white exclamation mark ornament U+2755 U+E702 U+E482 U+E337 U+FEB0B
wavy dash U+3030 U+E709 - - U+FEB07
curly loop U+27B0 U+E70A U+EB31 - U+FEB08
double curly loop U+27BF U+E6DF - U+E211 U+FE82B
heavy black heart U+2764 U+E6EC U+E595 U+E022 U+FEB0C
beating heart U+1F493 U+E6ED U+EB75 U+E327 U+FEB0D
broken heart U+1F494 U+E6EE U+E477 U+E023 U+FEB0E
two hearts U+1F495 U+E6EF U+E478 U+E327 U+FEB0F
sparkling heart U+1F496 U+E6EC U+EAA6 U+E327 U+FEB10
growing heart U+1F497 U+E6ED U+EB75 U+E328 U+FEB11
heart with arrow U+1F498 U+E6EC U+E4EA U+E329 U+FEB12
blue heart U+1F499 U+E6EC U+EAA7 U+E32A U+FEB13
green heart U+1F49A U+E6EC U+EAA8 U+E32B U+FEB14
yellow heart U+1F49B U+E6EC U+EAA9 U+E32C U+FEB15
purple heart U+1F49C U+E6EC U+EAAA U+E32D U+FEB16
heart with ribbon U+1F49D U+E6EC U+EB54 U+E437 U+FEB17
revolving hearts U+1F49E U+E6ED U+E5AF U+E327 U+FEB18
heart decoration U+1F49F U+E6F8 U+E595 U+E204 U+FEB19
black heart suit U+2665 U+E68D U+EAA5 U+E20C U+FEB1A
black spade suit U+2660 U+E68E U+E5A1 U+E20E U+FEB1B
black diamond suit U+2666 U+E68F U+E5A2 U+E20D U+FEB1C
black club suit U+2663 U+E690 U+E5A3 U+E20F U+FEB1D
smoking symbol U+1F6AC U+E67F U+E47D U+E30E U+FEB1E
no smoking symbol U+1F6AD U+E680 U+E47E U+E208 U+FEB1F
wheelchair symbol U+267F U+E69B U+E47F U+E20A U+FEB20
triangular flag on post U+1F6A9 U+E6DE U+EB2C - U+FEB22
warning sign U+26A0 U+E737 U+E481 U+E252 U+FEB23
no entry U+26D4 U+E72F U+E484 U+E137 U+FEB26
black universal recycling symbol U+267B U+E735 U+EB79 - U+FEB2C
bicycle U+1F6B2 U+E71D U+E4AE U+E136 U+FE7EB
pedestrian U+1F6B6 U+E733 U+EB72 U+E201 U+FE7F0
mens symbol U+1F6B9 - - U+E138 U+FEB33
womens symbol U+1F6BA - - U+E139 U+FEB34
bath U+1F6C0 U+E6F7 U+E5D8 U+E13F U+FE505
restroom U+1F6BB U+E66E U+E4A5 U+E151 U+FE506
toilet U+1F6BD U+E66E U+E4A5 U+E140 U+FE507
water closet U+1F6BE U+E66E U+E4A5 U+E309 U+FE508
baby symbol U+1F6BC - U+EB18 U+E13A U+FEB35
door U+1F6AA U+E714 - - U+FE4F3
no entry sign U+1F6AB U+E738 U+E541 - U+FEB48
heavy check mark U+2714 - U+E557 - U+FEB49
squared cl U+1F191 U+E6DB U+E5AB - U+FEB84
squared cool U+1F192 - U+EA85 U+E214 U+FEB38
squared free U+1F193 U+E6D7 U+E578 - U+FEB21
squared id U+1F194 U+E6D8 U+EA88 U+E229 U+FEB81
squared new U+1F195 U+E6DD U+E5B5 U+E212 U+FEB36
squared ng U+1F196 U+E72F - - U+FEB28
squared ok U+1F197 U+E70B U+E5AD U+E24D U+FEB27
squared sos U+1F198 - U+E4E8 - U+FEB4F
squared up with exclamation mark U+1F199 - U+E50F U+E213 U+FEB37
squared vs U+1F19A - U+E5D2 U+E12E U+FEB32
squared katakana koko U+1F201 - - U+E203 U+FEB24
squared katakana sa U+1F202 - U+EA87 U+E228 U+FEB3F
squared cjk unified ideograph-7981 U+1F232 U+E738 - - U+FEB2E
squared cjk unified ideograph-7a7a U+1F233 U+E739 U+EA8A U+E22B U+FEB2F
squared cjk unified ideograph-5408 U+1F234 U+E73A - - U+FEB30
squared cjk unified ideograph-6e80 U+1F235 U+E73B U+EA89 U+E22A U+FEB31
squared cjk unified ideograph-6709 U+1F236 - - U+E215 U+FEB39
squared cjk unified ideograph-7121 U+1F21A - - U+E216 U+FEB3A
squared cjk unified ideograph-6708 U+1F237 - - U+E217 U+FEB3B
squared cjk unified ideograph-7533 U+1F238 - - U+E218 U+FEB3C
squared cjk unified ideograph-5272 U+1F239 - U+EA86 U+E227 U+FEB3E
squared cjk unified ideograph-6307 U+1F22F - U+EA8B U+E22C U+FEB40
squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6 U+1F23A - U+EA8C U+E22D U+FEB41
circled ideograph secret U+3299 U+E734 U+E4F1 U+E315 U+FEB2B
circled ideograph congratulation U+3297 - U+EA99 U+E30D U+FEB43
circled ideograph advantage U+1F250 - U+E4F7 U+E226 U+FEB3D
circled ideograph accept U+1F251 - U+EB01 - U+FEB50
heavy plus sign U+2795 - U+E53C - U+FEB51
heavy minus sign U+2796 - U+E53D - U+FEB52
heavy multiplication x U+2716 - U+E54F U+E333 U+FEB53
heavy division sign U+2797 - U+E554 - U+FEB54
diamond shape with a dot inside U+1F4A0 U+E6F8 - - U+FEB55
electric light bulb U+1F4A1 U+E6FB U+E476 U+E10F U+FEB56
anger symbol U+1F4A2 U+E6FC U+E4E5 U+E334 U+FEB57
bomb U+1F4A3 U+E6FE U+E47A U+E311 U+FEB58
sleeping symbol U+1F4A4 U+E701 U+E475 U+E13C U+FEB59
collision symbol U+1F4A5 U+E705 U+E5B0 - U+FEB5A
splashing sweat symbol U+1F4A6 U+E706 U+E5B1 U+E331 U+FEB5B
droplet U+1F4A7 U+E707 U+E4E6 U+E331 U+FEB5C
dash symbol U+1F4A8 U+E708 U+E4F4 U+E330 U+FEB5D
pile of poo U+1F4A9 - U+E4F5 U+E05A U+FE4F4
flexed biceps U+1F4AA - U+E4E9 U+E14C U+FEB5E
dizzy symbol U+1F4AB - U+EB5C U+E407 U+FEB5F
speech balloon U+1F4AC - U+E4FD - U+FE532
sparkles U+2728 U+E6FA U+EAAB U+E32E U+FEB60
eight pointed black star U+2734 U+E6F8 U+E479 U+E205 U+FEB61
eight spoked asterisk U+2733 U+E6F8 U+E53E U+E206 U+FEB62
medium white circle U+26AA U+E69C U+E53A U+E219 U+FEB65
medium black circle U+26AB U+E69C U+E53B U+E219 U+FEB66
large red circle U+1F534 U+E69C U+E54A U+E219 U+FEB63
large blue circle U+1F535 U+E69C U+E54B U+E21A U+FEB64
black square button U+1F532 U+E69C U+E54B U+E21A U+FEB64
white square button U+1F533 U+E69C U+E54B U+E21B U+FEB67
white medium star U+2B50 - U+E48B U+E32F U+FEB68
white large square U+2B1C - U+E548 U+E21B U+FEB6B
black large square U+2B1B - U+E549 U+E21A U+FEB6C
white small square U+25AB - U+E531 U+E21B U+FEB6D
black small square U+25AA - U+E532 U+E21A U+FEB6E
white medium small square U+25FD - U+E534 U+E21B U+FEB6F
black medium small square U+25FE - U+E535 U+E21A U+FEB70
white medium square U+25FB - U+E538 U+E21B U+FEB71
black medium square U+25FC - U+E539 U+E21A U+FEB72
large orange diamond U+1F536 - U+E546 U+E21B U+FEB73
large blue diamond U+1F537 - U+E547 U+E21B U+FEB74
small orange diamond U+1F538 - U+E536 U+E21B U+FEB75
small blue diamond U+1F539 - U+E537 U+E21B U+FEB76
sparkle U+2747 U+E6FA U+E46C U+E32E U+FEB77
white flower U+1F4AE - U+E4F0 - U+FEB7A
hundred points symbol U+1F4AF - U+E4F2 - U+FEB7B
leftwards arrow with hook U+21A9 U+E6DA U+E55D - U+FEB83
rightwards arrow with hook U+21AA - U+E55C - U+FEB88
clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows U+1F503 U+E735 U+EB0D - U+FEB91
speaker with three sound waves U+1F50A - U+E511 U+E141 U+FE821
battery U+1F50B - U+E584 - U+FE4FC
electric plug U+1F50C - U+E589 - U+FE4FE
left-pointing magnifying glass U+1F50D U+E6DC U+E518 U+E114 U+FEB85
right-pointing magnifying glass U+1F50E U+E6DC U+EB05 U+E114 U+FEB8D
lock U+1F512 U+E6D9 U+E51C U+E144 U+FEB86
open lock U+1F513 U+E6D9 U+E51C U+E145 U+FEB87
lock with ink pen U+1F50F U+E6D9 U+EB0C U+E144 U+FEB90
closed lock with key U+1F510 U+E6D9 U+EAFC U+E144 U+FEB8A
key U+1F511 U+E6D9 U+E519 U+E03F U+FEB82
bell U+1F514 U+E713 U+E512 U+E325 U+FE4F2
ballot box with check U+2611 - U+EB02 - U+FEB8B
radio button U+1F518 - U+EB04 - U+FEB8C
bookmark U+1F516 - U+EB07 - U+FEB8F
link symbol U+1F517 - U+E58A - U+FEB4B
back with leftwards arrow above U+1F519 - U+EB06 U+E235 U+FEB8E
end with leftwards arrow above U+1F51A U+E6B9 - - U+FE01A
on with exclamation mark with left right arrow above U+1F51B U+E6B8 - - U+FE019
soon with rightwards arrow above U+1F51C U+E6B7 - - U+FE018
top with upwards arrow above U+1F51D - - U+E24C U+FEB42
white heavy check mark U+2705 - U+E55E - U+FEB4A
raised fist U+270A U+E693 U+EB83 U+E010 U+FEB93
raised hand U+270B U+E695 U+E5A7 U+E012 U+FEB95
victory hand U+270C U+E694 U+E5A6 U+E011 U+FEB94
fisted hand sign U+1F44A U+E6FD U+E4F3 U+E00D U+FEB96
thumbs up sign U+1F44D U+E727 U+E4F9 U+E00E U+FEB97
white up pointing index U+261D - U+E4F6 U+E00F U+FEB98
white up pointing backhand index U+1F446 - U+EA8D U+E22E U+FEB99
white down pointing backhand index U+1F447 - U+EA8E U+E22F U+FEB9A
white left pointing backhand index U+1F448 - U+E4FF U+E230 U+FEB9B
white right pointing backhand index U+1F449 - U+E500 U+E231 U+FEB9C
waving hand sign U+1F44B U+E695 U+EAD6 U+E41E U+FEB9D
clapping hands sign U+1F44F - U+EAD3 U+E41F U+FEB9E
ok hand sign U+1F44C U+E70B U+EAD4 U+E420 U+FEB9F
thumbs down sign U+1F44E U+E700 U+EAD5 U+E421 U+FEBA0
open hands sign U+1F450 U+E695 U+EAD6 U+E422 U+FEBA1