Developing the Flickr Uploader Bar

Getting the source

  1. Make sure you've uninstalled the extension - restart firefox and make sure it's not on the extensions list
  2. Grab a copy of the source package
  3. Unzip it on your local machine
  4. Edit the file '' to point to the location you unzipped the files in. Ensure you leave the trailing slash intact.
  5. Open up your Firefox profile folder. On windows you can do this by typing this in the 'Run' box: "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles". There'll be a weirdly named folder (or two) there - inside that, there's a folder called 'extensions' (if not, create it).
  6. Copy the '' file into the extensions folder.
  7. Restart firefox - the extension should now be 'installed'.
  8. Any changes made to the source are now availabale in Firefox without reinstalling.

Tips and tricks

Packaging the extension

I currently do this with an ant script - i'm going to try and automate this a little better before sharing it.

Known bugs / obviously missing features